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By becoming a member of KCBA, you are an integral part of supporting Korean culture in Canada. With your support, we can continue to provide first-rate programming at our festival as well as support local businesses, entrepreneurs and new comers. Whether you are first generation, second generation or a non-Korean  supporter, we all have a role to play to ensure our rich culture and history continues to be a part of Canada’s diversity.


Please see below how you can join the KCBA. Memberships can be paid via credit card or visa debit below through a secure portal.  

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 KCBA Business members get exclusive benefits such as:

  •  Invitation to members-only Kakao Chat for urgent updates affecting our members (COVID-19, grants, bylaw changes, news etc.) 

  •  Advertisement through our member directory

  •  exclusive discounts to KCBA opportunities such as Korean Harvest Festival (Hangawi)

  • Representation on three levels of government, and invitations to join meetings

  • Subscription to our mailing list

  • Voting privilege's at the AGM, eligible to apply for board of director position

2022 Membership Fee   $100  

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